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574 New London Turnpike Norwich

Room Packages


The Star

The luxurious stay of The Star hotel offering a calm and cool presence is all you need to have to enjoy your stay.

Coupled with the food facility and large, comfortable rooms it will be an unforgettable experience for you and your family. The rooms are not only air-conditioned but also with enough space to enjoy a comfortable presence.

The hotel is at the prime location in Panvel. Our experienced staff who continuously deliver great service with their hospitality is the best feature of The Star hotel.

Enjoy your desirable cuisine with a low price and a comfortable dining experience at the Best Hotel in Navi Mumbai.

Deluxe Room

Our Hotels Deluxe room comes with a huge space and washroom attached. You will get a view of the city and also the scenic mountains. You can take any amount of luggage in the rooms and have enough left space for you and your family accommodation at a relatively lower price. It is approximately 40 square meters.

₹2000.00 / Night

Executive Room

Executive rooms are the best for a person associated with meetings. Our executive rooms are available with king-sized rooms and also bathroom attached. The room is spacious as well as comes with a feature of wellness equipment for your betterment.

₹2500.00 / Night

Deluxe Suite Room

Our deluxe suite room comes with a large spacious king-sized bed and with additional services. With warm interiors of variant colors, the deluxe suite rooms come with rich fabric and hand-made customized designs. It also comes with a bathroom attached and also tea making equipment to give you added benefits.

₹2800.00 / Night